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Picture of JIH-P4T Four-Head Hydraulic Press
1. This machine is designed for punching hold and pressing.
2. It has an easy operate hydraulic system that delivers powerful punching performance at very low noise levels.
3. It has both manual and automatic operation capabilities. When the foot panel switch is press, the machine will perform punching hold (pressing) automatically.
4. Suitable for two-layer mold machining (JIH-250B).
5. The upper base is organic whole shaping, which has strong tenacity, maximum impact resistance and long service life.
6.The feature of each punching head of this machine is like JIH-250B.
7.Suitable for the punching of multimolds.  Single head punching or multi-head punching are optional.  Each punching head is movable.
8.This machine can be refitted into a drilling machine or cutting table.

Optional Function:
1. Quicken punching head speed (high-speed punching head).
2. The punch head can choose between equipped with a limit switch, equipped with a timer switch or equipped with pressure switch for controlling the stroke
Timer control (standard)
Limit switch for controling the stroke
Pressure swith for controling the stroke end

Optional Safety Device:
1. Punching (Pressing) is controlled by foot panel switch with sensor of safety.
2. Punching (Pressing) is controlled by double push-button switch.

Application Punching
Aluminum frame, aluminum extrusion, leather, brass, plastic, steel.

Impulsive Force10tons x 4
Motor 3HP x 4 (5HP opt. for increasing production)
Punching Height 260mm
Hydraulic Pressure170kg / cm2 x 4
Work Table Area250 x 520mm (4 pieces)
Work Table Height790mm
Mechine Dia. (L x W x H)3700 x 1000 x 1820mm
Packing Dia. (L x W x H)3820 x 1120 x 2000 mm
NG / GW1300 / 1700kgs

*All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.