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Picture of JIH-NC 150 NC Automatic Drilling Machine
1. Automatic drilling operation allows for equal or unequal hole distance
2. PLC control
3. Touch - sensing screen
4. Allows for a selection of manual or automatic drilling mode
5. Forced oil mist lubrication
6. Allows for multiple setings, maximum memory capacity: 100 sets
7. Prilling head can be controlled by hydraulic system (optional)
8. Hydraulic work piece clamping is available (optional)
  • Automatic drill mavhine (X-axis automatic positioning, Y-axis manual positioning, Z-axis pinpoint automatic drilling).
  • PLC control, touch control, can manufacture both equal and unequal distance drilling.
  • Accurately controlled oil mist system greatly improves lubrication and cooling effect.
  • Clamping system is optional. (atmospheric pressure or oil pressure).
  • Can make both manual drilling and automatic drilling.
Model JIH-NC 150
Length 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m (Optional)
Width 250 mm (Optional)
Oil Pressure Drill Head Motor Horsepower 2 HP Level 4 (or 3 HP Level 2)
Oil Pressure Drill Head Rotation Rate 3200 R.P.M.
Maximum Drill Capacity 35 mm (Aluminum)
Maximum Drill Distance 150 mm
Frequently Accessed Memory Set 100 sets
Automatic Positioning X-axis 40M/Min
Automatic Positioning Precision ±0.1 mm
Server Motor 400 W
Touch Screen 5.7"

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