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JIH-CNC 4S 4th CNC Sawing Machine

MODEL JIH-CNC 4S 4th CNC Sawing Machine
X axis stroke 400 mm
Y axis stroke 400 mm
Z axis stroke 300 mm
A axis stroke 360°
*spindle end to worktable distance = Max 320 mm
table type Clamping 4 sets
table size 800 x 600 mm
table height 800 mm
motor 5HP
spindle RPM 3000 RPM
saw size 18" x 1" x 120T
4 axis servo X axis : 1KW
Y axis : 1KW
Z axis : 1KW
A axis : 1KW
machine space
machine weight 2000 ~ 2200 kgs
machine size 2200 x 2850 x 2650 mm

*All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.