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Picture of JIH-T5 Double Mitre Saw (Rotation-Swing Type)

Detailed Product Description:

It's one of our featured machines,it is also the best-appraised double-headed saw in the markets, which can complete material cutting and multi-angle cutting of aluminum alloy and PVC profile.

By adopting arm-waving type feeding, it has inimitable advantages for stability of profile cutting and durability of blades, cutting width, smoothness and precision of cutting than other similar structures of machines with the golden cutting angle formed by the tool and profile. Equipped with German carbide saw blades, imported guide rail, the main parts are cast, seamless connection; and installed with hydro-pneumatic damper stepless speed regulation, automatic spray lubrication cooling device, this machine has the features of high strength, precise cutting and superior stability. With imported integrated PLC, this machine can operate easily and has features of automatic detection and diagnosis, high circuit stability, wide applicability of operating environment.

Models and Parameters JIH-T5 (5 Axis)
Control Mode of Angle and Length NC Length and swing angle
Precision of Cutting Length ± 0.1 mm
Precision of Cutting Angle ± 0.1°
Automatic Positioning Function Yes
Cutting Capacity For 90° cuts: 140 mm x 220 mm
For 45° cuts: 100 mm x 200 mm
max cuts length 4000mm (opt.6000mm)
min cuts length 450 mm when cutting 90°
min cuts length 800 mm when cutting 135°
Range of Rotation Angle 45° - 135° / 45° - 90°
Swing Angle of Electric Control 45° ~ 90°
Rotating Speed of Main Motor 2840 r/min
Power of Main Motor 2.2KW x 2
Saw Blade Feeding / Returning Speed Feeding 0-3m/min Returning 2-3m/min
Blade Size Ø20" x Ø1" x 120T (opt. Ø560 x Ø30 x 120T)
Working air pressure/voltage 4 ~ 6KGS
Dimension (L x W x H) 5900 x 1400 x 1570 mm
Machine Weight 2200 kgs / 2400 kgs
Optional Devices and Functions Clamps and positioning stopper, Dust collector, Spare tools, D configuration bracket: can cut many profiles at 90°

*All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.